Case Studies

3D-Powerwall creates a realistic viewing experience for
Science, Architecture and Engineering

Schneider Digital‘s smart VR-Wall visualizes engines and plant engineering realistic and in life size.


3D-Powerwall at the ESB-Business School of the Hochschule Reutlingen

In order to withstand the high competitive pressure, development costs as well as time tables have to be maintained. The study course industrial engineering of the ESB School, which is part of the Fachhochschule Reutlingen, teaches the technical and economical implementation of such projects in practical terms. An important part of production planning is the simulation of the factory- and warehouse planning, as well as the product development. The highly efficient and realistic simulation of planning- and development processes will be implemented with the newly released smart VR-Wall from Schneider Digital. The spatial representation and virtual planning of factories and products can be conducted very detailed and realistic, providing a small revolution in science.



The VR Wall in use at the ESB Business School (for Video)

AMD FirePro™ Professional Graphics and Schneider Digital:
helping the Centre for Energy Research to interpret oil and gas field geology.
The smart VR-Wall – a new generation virtual reality display system.

The interpretation of geological models of hydrocarbon reservoir structures generated from oil and gas field surveys is a complex and difficult task. Organisations involved in such work are increasingly turning to a new generation of high-technology solutions to help them in this task. One such organisation is run by Prof. Dr. Leonhard Ganzer at the Energie-Forschungszentrum Niedersachsen (Centre for Energy Research). To help research teams to visualize and therefore interpret such models, Professor Ganzer now relies on the smart VR-Wall virtual reality (VR) display system provided by Schneider Digital using AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards and AMD FirePro™ S400 Synchronization Modules. Now, with the launch of the 4 GB AMD FirePro™ V9800 professional graphics card, the smart VR-Wall can achieve even greater levels of performance and costeffectiveness.