Advantages & Benefits

Important facts at a glance

  • Highly compact design – with only 65cm panel thickness, it can be integrated
    into virtually any offi ce without requiring any building alterations
  • Impressive image quality: Resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 – 4,000 x 1,696 pixels, a luminous intensity and homogeneous light distribution
  • No shading by the actor, despite brilliant front projection
  • Easy to use, thanks to plug-and-play capability – simply plugged in like a standard external monitor (notebook adequate)
  • Full net 6.8 MP resolution in stereo 3D at 120 Hz
  • Uncomplicated and versatile use, for anything from simple PowerPoint to complex VR applications No data conversions and no cluster software required
  • Performance scaling using optional grabber cards possible more [up to 12-player etc. (24 graphics cards in SLI / Crossfi re mode)]
  • Up to 12 signal sources (teams) can be displayed simultaneously and mixable
  • Co-review as an option for up to two video cameras
  • Media controller – the optional wireless touch tablet gives you full control over all the inputs and functions (split-screen,picture-in-picture…)
  • Full display of stereoscopic content with no compromises. Supports all common stereo formats, full resolution maintained
  • Live VR interaction with optional tracking system Low input lag (sub 1 frame) means suitability even for fl ight simulation inputs
  • Smallest possible pixel size of only 1.5 mm allows interactive use right up to the smart VR-Wall
  • Available in three formats: 16:9, 16:10 and CinemaScope 23.5:10 Custom sizes available on request (extra charge)
  • Revolutionary new camera calibration method based color space for the best possible overall picture with twice the brightness
  • Sensational value for money:from € 45,000 plus tax (monoscopic) operating costs just € 1.06/hour, including bulb wearand electricity for 16:9 / 16:10 VR Wall, or € 1.60/hour for CinemaScope,no expensive cluster software requiredlow maintenance and repair costs
  • Future-proof LightEngines can be upgraded to higher resolution/luminous power at any time
  • Fully fl exible and mobile compared with conventional installations. Assembly and conversion times of only approx. 3 hours