EIZO 4K-Controller

4K black box: VR-Wall-controller with the EIZO 4K-monitor

What you see, is what they get!

Company’s projection visualization centers support the workflow of entire departments during development tasks and decisions on a large scale. Complex content, for example, can thus be shared with development teams in parallel video conferencing. Presentations of digital control models or photorealistic virtual reality images of new developments and products can be visualized and rated.


The secret of a good 4K presentation lies in the best preparation possible

All necessary data of the development systems as well as the preparation of workplaces and content can be edited on working level. From adjustment of the VR-display with project management to the perfect presentation of content on a high decision making level. To display the high resolution of a 4K projection 1:1, the preview- and work place still consists of four separate monitors (current status) thus complicating work and preparation especially for colleagues not present at all times.


Perfect 4K display, save handling and comfortable working

Thanks to the newest development by 3DInsight and Schneider Digital, all project members are now able to work with a high resolution 4k monitor with an accurate 1:1 display in their own operating environment. Of course several work places can be equipped according to requirements.

Whether for preparation of data and scenarios or for the presentation itself: all participants now can rely on the accurate power wall display of their data and models.


Plug & Play – ready to operate in just a few minutes

Installation and launch only takes a few minutes provided the wiring is available.

A longer distance between the server room/ RZ and the actual work place can be bypassed via LWL without a problem! The system is pretty much maintenance free: several SLAs are available for special availability requirements.


It’s Showtime!

Please click here for more information regarding our EIZO 4K-Monitor downloadable in PDF-format.