Control Panels

Tracking – Immerse into a virtual world

To make your 3D visualization a real virtual-reality-adventure, we suggest combining our smart VR-Wall with various tracking solutions. On request we can equip your new smart VR-Wall with 4, 8 or even more IR-tracking cameras, depending on the size of the area to be covered in front of the wall. Calculating the position of the user allows complete interaction with virtual objects, creating an impressive experience with fast-reaction and with fluid frame sequences.

Tracking expenses depend on requirements regarding the number of objects to be tracked as well as precision and measuring range. Optical infrared systems can be implemented as well as ultrasound- or magnetic tracking systems.

For wireless interaction with devices for VR-standard applications a tracking controller is needed.  You can add one or more controls to the smart VR-Wall. Via wireless data transfer, applications with direct interfaces receive the generated data.


We recommend the use of a camera for long distance operations. Our wide angle lenses are perfectly suitable when it comes to covering a large field of vision. This method guarantees a nearly unfettered interaction with our smart VR-Wall. By scanning certain markers, information of the exact position of the user is transferred to the VR-Wall to then be processed.


Motion Control

An intuitive interaction with the computer is created via 3D censors, by employing motion gestures. All applications can be executed via contact free motion control thus making this technique suitable for various areas of applications. Some examples for its use are: presentations and point of sale, medical engineering, educational applications for universities and schools.


Multi-Touch – Everything under control thanks to Multi-Touch

Media Control Units inclusive and via optional TouchPad – everything under control – optional wireless!

In addition to the media control system, our 3Dinsight pixel processor works in combination with our special TouchPad.