Individual hardware solutions for a perfect synthesis

We offer various hardware solutions in addition to our smart VR-Wall thus enabling you to expand your smart VR-Wall into a complete and innovative system.


High-End Workstations -
Perfect additions for your smart VR-Wall and sophisticated VR and 3D applications

Our workstations are designed to fit the individual needs of our customers. With our High-End solutions, our customers are able to achieve the highest performance possible for various applications, such as CAD, 3D-applications or product development or design, all perfectly designed to work hand in hand with our smart VR-Wall.

We only use coordinated, high quality and up-to-date components thus guaranteeing a maximum of performance and durability of our work stations. Our close collaboration with hardware manufacturers, CAX-software developer and independent scientific research institutions keeps us updated about the latest developments. We provide solutions based on practical experience and we are able to implement special requirements into the system. Security of investment goes without saying, all our products can easily be upgraded, add-ons are available.

If by any chance and despite our high adherence to quality standards a problem should occur, we offer an un-bureaucratic pre-exchange of components or the entire device thus reducing costly down time.


Cluster – More processing power for sophisticated applications

Numerous applications, such as geo-informatics, work with very large quantities of image data. To increase processing power clusters often occur, taking over different areas of the complete volume of data. Our smart VR-Wall offers the possibility to directly connect clusters in order to be able to process data without great effort. We are more than happy to discuss your individual cluster-solution in combination with our smart VR-Wall with you.



Rack solutions can make a lot of sense with our smart VR-Walls. Due to the very modest space requirements of the 19″ (W x H x D, 600 x 900 x 1260 mm), they are perfect even for use in smaller offices. The rack is equipped with 12 respectively 25 shelf slots, offering enough space for 19″ Format hardware as well as for tower- or desktop equipment. The perfect rack system to use with our smart VR-Wall and peripheral devices. Cluster applications for example, can be stored effectively and space savingly.


Glasses and Emitters – enjoy 3D in comfort!

Stereo-, 3D, polarization and shutter glasses with emitters are necessary to be able to view stereo images on our VR-Wall. We offer individual and custom made solutions by NVIDIA and other manufacturers: infrared systems, wireless solutions (radio controlled),  and systems with so called “long range” emitters, enabling groups to be able to view 3D images at the same time.

The operating principle is the same for all: overlapping images are displayed on the VR-Wall, representing two perspectives of the same object. With our glasses, each eye sees a different image, with a minor deviation exactly equal to the perspectives that both eyes naturally receive in binocular vision.