Faster, more efficient development with digital prototyping

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are finally able to take a big step towards digital future thanks to our smart VR-Wall and its low purchasing and follow-up costs. Among other reasons the costs can be kept low is because the smart VR-Wall does without additional, special software for displaying immersive 3D CAD product models. Medium sized companies are able to refrain from expensive, real prototypes thus shortening development times and thereby reducing extra costs. A digital prototype is an exact simulation of the complete final product. There is a steadily increasing demand for digital prototyping among medium sized companies. During conception stage it is tested whether or not form and function match, using virtual prototypes during digital processing. The digital prototype grows continuously in accordance with the concept and contains, in addition to the design, all relevant mechanical, electrical and mechatronic  data. The goal is to build less actual prototypes, since that in turn goes hand in hand with higher costs. In part physical prototypes can be completely avoided this way. All in all costs are saved with successful digital-prototyping projects, but also delivery times are shortened and market launch deadlines happen sooner.



The ideal software for creating digital prototypes combines design data of all development phases to one single digital model. This digital model simulates the complete product thus enabling a better visualization, optimization and administration, even before the real prototype is build. Leading software manufacturer deliver a complete compatible toolset for creating digital prototypes in all phases of a construction design – from concept design to production!